microOLAP MBBuilder

microOLAP MBBuilder 1.5

MicroOLAP MBBuilder software program is a tool for MapBasic

MicroOLAP MBBuilder software program is a visual Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool for MapInfo MapBasic with many features. One feature is the project manager that contains all the files in MapBasic format so that all files can be worked on together.

The object inspector supports all of the application objects including dialogs, menu items and toolbars. The component editor is the main feature which allows the user to implement their code repeatedly.

MicroOLAP MBBuilder software program is designed to minimize the time needed to create menus, toolbars and dialogs. The dialog editor is one of the main design tools used for the creation of applications.

Along with the object inspector this program can add components to the dialog, modify the dialog and its components and then link the component event handlers with the4 MapBasic procedures which the file editor contains.

The application meets the demand of changing, adding and removing the individual components of the interface. This software program is the first RAD environment for MapBasic that completely supports all of its components.

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